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SEO Page Optimization / Marketing

How hard is your website working for you?

Or, are you working for your website?

You made an investment of your time creating your website, but you feel like nobody is finding it.

Your website should be a powerful tool for your business, helping drive leads, increase sales and support your brand - making life easier and your business more profitable.

SEO Page Optimization is the MOST IMPORTANT step to making your website work for you!

SEO Services

We're SEO Hype Free & ...well, just Simple!

We know there's more hype surrounding SEO than most people can handle. Forget all the rubbish you've heard, forget all the get rich quick stuff, SEO can drive the right traffic to your website and that's what your website was created for, to attract new business. We'll look at each page of your website, make the necessary changes for proper optimization and report it like it is.

If you are based in the U.S. and you want to work with someone who understand what it takes to be found on-line get in touch for a free no obligation conversation.

SEO has a relatively long gestation period. Getting to the first page of search engine results won’t happen overnight or even in a month. Getting to the top of the SERPs will take time. However, once your website gets there via SEO, and becomes the "authority" website for your particular niche, you will enjoy sustained traffic. Get started with SEO Page Optimization today!

SEO Services

Checks and Sections we'll look at and improve on your website.

Sit back and relax. Let us do it for you!

SEO Grades

SEO Results

Green Check  HTML Header
Green Check  Title Tag
Green Check  Meta Description Tag
Green Check  Body Content
Green Check  Header Tags
Green Check  Keyword Consistency
Green Check  Amount of Content
Green Check  Image Alt Attributes
Green Check  Links
Green Check  Backlinks
Green Check  Top Backlinks
Green Check  On-Page Links
Green Check  Broken Links
Green Check  Friendly URLs
Green Check  Indexing
Green Check  Noindex Tag Test
Green Check  Noindex Header Test

Security Results

Green Check  HTTPS redirect
Green Check  Malware Check
Green Check  SSL Security
Green Check  Email Privacy

Usability Results

Green Check  Device Rendering
Green Check  Use of Mobile Viewports
Green Check  Flash used?
Green Check  iFrames used?
Green Check  Favicon
Green Check  Legible Font Sizes
Green Check  Tap Target Sizing

Technology Results

Green Check  Technology List
Green Check  Server IP Address
Green Check  DNS Servers
Green Check  Web server
Green Check  Charset


Green Check  Robots.txt
Green Check  XML Sitemaps
Green Check  Analytics
Green Check  Schema.org Structured Data

Page Optimization Service Average:
3 - 5 Pages per month

Performance Results

Green Check  Page Speed
Green Check  Page Size
Green Check  Number of Objects Loaded
Green Check  Javascript Errors
Green Check  GZIP Compression
Green Check  Image Optimization
Green Check  Minification
Green Check  Deprecated HTML
Green Check  Inline Styles

Social Results

Green Check  Facebook Page Connected
Green Check  Facebook Open Graph Tags
Green Check  Facebook Pixel
Green Check  Twitter Connected
Green Check  Twitter Cards
Green Check  Twitter Activity
Green Check  Instagram Connected
Green Check  YouTube Connected
Green Check  YouTube Activity
Green Check  LinkedIn Connected

Constant Contact

Connect with your customers and grow your business!

Using your company brand to create the exact coupons and newsletters for services that you already sell, let us take the time, effort, and headache out of creating online coupons and e-Marketing newsletters for you. We are truly a custom service.

Marketing Services Constant Contact Price Recurring Order
Branded Monthly Coupon / Newsletter 12 Sends Per Year $25.00 USD Monthly Order Today
Branded Bi-Weekly Coupon / Newsletter 26 Sends Per Year $45.00 USD Monthly Order Today
Branded Weekly Coupon / Newsletter 52 Sends Per Year $80.00 USD Monthly Order Today
Social Media Set Up Time Price Recurring Order
Facebook or Twitter Business Page Setup   24 / 48 Hours $45.00 USD One Time Fee Order Today
Page Management - Add Us to Your Team ( 3 Hours Per Month )   $99.00 USD Monthly More Details

More than half of Millennials (54 percent) and 44 percent of Gen Xers are likely to check your businesses social-media presence on sites such as Facebook and Twitter — a clear signal that a social media presence is now a "must-have", just like a website or email address. Press Release Newswire